US-based spirits company Milestone Brands has expanded its portfolio by acquiring the rights of orange liqueur Naranja from Pura Vida and its chairman Stewart Skloss.

Skloss will retain a minority position in the Naranja brand. He said: “I’m thrilled about the acquisition for this truly authentic brand and look forward to supporting the Milestone team on Naranja’s projected growth.”

The spirits company will be re-launching Naranja in January next year. The beverage will be produced by La Madrileña, brand owner of the original creators Controy.

Milestone Brands founder and CEO Eric Dopkins said: “As the tequila category continues to grow, we feel Naranja will play a significant role using a recipe and package that speak to the heritage of Mexico.

“The spirits company will be re-launching Naranja in January next year.”

“We will be proud to spread the message that authentic margaritas must use ingredients from Mexico.”

Milestone claims that the orange liqueur offers a fine balance of bitter and sweet, perfectly complementing authentic Mexican cocktails.

Established in 2016 in Texas, Milestone Brands has been engaged in delivering alcohol beverage brands across the US.

Its brand portfolio includes Dulce Vida Spirits, American Born, and Moonshine.

The Dulce Vida offers an organic tequila portfolio that includes Lime, Grapefruit, and Pineapple Jalapeño flavoured tequilas.