Sunshine Investments has raised €445m ($546.61m) through a private placement of senior notes due 2026.

Based in the Netherlands, Sunshine Investments is an alcoholic beverages producer.

Bridge Brands (Après) has secured $1.1m through a seed funding round led by Rocana Venture Partners.

Bridge Brands plans to use the proceeds to expand its growth prospects.

Bridge Brands is an American provider of plant-based protein beverages for whole body replenishment.

Osotspa plans to issue 603.8 million shares through an initial public offering (IPO) of shares representing a 20.1% stake in the company’s paid-up capital.

Of the total shares issued, 506.8 million will be newly issued shares, while the remaining will be existing shares. Orizon will offer 67 million shares, while 30 million will be sold by Y Investment.

The proceeds of the IPO are to be used for business expansion in both domestic and international markets, product distribution and working capital. Part of the proceeds will also be used as loan repayment.

Based in Thailand, Osotspa is a speciality drinks manufacturer, producer and distributor.

“Bridge Brands (Après) has secured $1.1m through a seed funding round led by Rocana Venture Partners.”

Big Rock Brewery has agreed to form a joint venture (JV) with Fireweed Brewing.

Expected to be effective on 31 May, the JV will enable the two companies to develop their businesses.

Both based in Canada, Big Rock Brewery is a producer of craft beers and cider while Fireweed Brewing is a craft brewing company.

Wuliangye Yibin has raised RMB1.85bn ($294.49m) through a private placement of more than 85 million shares priced at RMB21.64 ($3.44) each.

Based in China, Wuliangye is a producer and seller of distilled liquor.

Brewery operator The Five Point Brewing Company has raised £0.92m ($1.28m) through crowdfunding.

Ed Mason is the co-founder and managing director of the UK-based company.