UK-based Black Storm Brewery has acquired gluten-free drinks manufacturer Autumn Brewing.

The acquisition is reported to be part of the company’s strategy to further strengthen its position in the UK market.

Autumn Brewing director Peter Briggs told media sources: “The transfer of ownership provides a number of benefits for Autumn Brewing and its award-winning Alt Brew brand of naturally gluten-free beer.

“There are great opportunities to develop the brands for the long term, continue to increase awareness of the availability and variety of gluten-free beer in our target markets, as well as reaching a wider beer-drinking audience.

“Peter and the team at Autumn have shown what is possible in gluten-free brewing.”

Black Storm offers a wide range of gluten-free drinks, including craft ales that are produced in the UK. In addition to craft ales, the company operates a bottle shop and tasting room called Storm Cellar.

Black Storm founder and director Paul Hughes was quoted by as saying: “We are delighted to add Autumn Brewing to the Black Storm family.

“Peter and the team at Autumn have shown what is possible in gluten-free brewing, creating amazing beers using alternative grains to barley, like millet and quinoa. We look forward to continuing this development with them.”

The acquisition is expected to further diversify Black Storm’s business with the addition of gluten-free ale and lagers.

By working with Black Storm, the company aims to broaden the appeal of its Alt Brew range of beers.