In recent months, several brands in the food and drink space have released products catering to the personal care segment, while personal care brands have also entered the food and drink arena. Most recently, Burt’s Bees announced their venture into the functional food category by introducing a range of plant-based protein shakes. Now Vita Coco, the world’s largest coconut water brand has revealed plans to develop a line of coconut-based personal care products. But what is allowing these sectors to crossover?

Aligning with today’s “wellness revolution”, consumers are taking a more holistic approach to both health and beauty. In the continued quest for ”natural” among today’s consumers, brands are capitalizing on ingredients commonly found in food and drink items, already perceived as being “good for you” and are incorporating them within beauty and personal care products and vice versa. Vita Coca’s signature ingredient is already, like many other plant-based ingredients, popular within both food and drink and personal care products.

According to GlobalData’s consumer research, while 66% of consumers globally believe coconut has a positive impact on health, coconut oil is believed by 64% of consumers as effective within beauty and grooming products. It is this transferability of ingredients that shall enable Vita Coca’s entry into “different areas of the store” as CEO Michael Kirban revealed is the company’s strategy.

However, while this appears a natural product line extension, the question of whether the brand will be able to maintain their holistic charm becomes apparent. A personal care line extension, which could include many more ingredients than Vita Coco’s audience are used to seeing in their products, may not resonate well with those seeking short ingredient lists. Furthermore, as the brand already manufactures coconut oil, a multifunctional product suitable for both cooking, as well as application on the skin, and on the hair, the release of specific coconut based hair or skin care products could call into question the efficacy of coconut oil as a multi-use product.

It is evident that the lines are blurring between health and beauty as consumers seek nourishment both inside and out. However, maintaining natural credentials to cater to consumers that resonate with ‘clean beauty’ will be essential to the success of the line extension.