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  1. AI in retail: Survey finds most UK retailers investing in AI customer service

    17 Dec
  2. Hard evidence lacking but could an energy drink ban go ahead anyway?

    4 Dec
  3. Alcohol-free gin – an answer to the growing abstinence trend

    17 Oct
  4. The emerging mushroom coffee trend

    9 Oct
  5. Alternatives to coffee: trends driving the coffee market

    4 Oct
  6. Coca-Cola exploring cannabis-infused drinks

    18 Sep
  7. International Rum Day: five rum trends

    16 Aug
  8. Mumm to launch champagne designed for astronauts in space

    22 Jun
  9. Beer and fizzy drinks in danger of falling flat for the World Cup

    20 Jun
  10. China strikes back at Trump with tariffs on American whiskey imports

    19 Jun