Elliot Gardner

Elliot is a features writer covering food, drink and packaging. You can reach him at elliot.gardner@globaldata.com.

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  1. Raw deal: fresh unpasteurised milk sales means more money for farmers, but is it safe?

    29 Mar
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    8 Mar
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    19 Feb
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    29 Jan
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    11 Jan
  6. How important are Diageo’s gender equality announcements for the drinks industry?

    5 Dec
  7. Recycled refreshment: making use of the drinks industry’s waste

    27 Nov
  8. Blame it on the Bucky: does the UK need tighter caffeinated alcoholic drinks regulations?

    22 Nov
  9. Pasteurisation doesn’t actually affect vitamin C levels in orange juice

    13 Nov
  10. Terroir terror: how bad weather affects wine quality and quantity

    18 Oct