Dutch manufacturer of innovative soft drinks, The Better Bottle Company, and global leader that supplies flow control dispensing closures to water enhancers, Aptar Food+Beverage, have joined hands in mainland Europe to start a water enhancer turnkey solution.

In view of rising health issues related to the consumption of soft drinks, the trend of turning to water as the drink of choice worldwide has highlighted the importance of liquid water enhancers.

Aptar’s exclusive dispensing closure solution, Micro, is used to offer straight directional dispensing and spill-proof packaging with the help of its flow control SimpliSqueeze silicone valve system inside and the flip-top closure.

The uniquely designed Micro presents an intuitive side opening process for the right or left-handed, which customises the consumers flavour preference with each squeeze of the pack.

The turnkey solution of The Better Bottle plus the Aptar closure along with the Alpla bottle is expected to enhance distributor’s shelves as well as consumer satisfaction.

Headquartered in the US and having facilities in four continents – North and South America, Asia and Europe – AptarGroup owns Aptar Food+Beverage and Aptar Beauty+Home and boasts a variety of dispensing solutions.

The Better Bottle Company, which delivers solutions for Dairy Drinks Enhancers, Liquid Water Enhancers, Beer Enhancers, and Coffee and Tea Enhancers, aids innovation with portable, compact, dilutable and concentrated drinks and drinks enhancers.