Big Bottom Whiskey

Oregon’s Big Bottom Distilling has released its second whiskey on the Barlow Trail, with its Big Bottom Barlow Trail, Port Cask Finish; continuing the company’s tradition of "finishing" its bourbon in tawny oaken port casks.

Last fall saw the release of the first whiskey from the Barlow Trail barrel, which sold at a retail price of $29.95 — Barlow Trail, Port Cask Finish will be selling at a retail price of $37.95.

The newest addition is Big Bottom’s unique blend of three whiskeys having a base of straight bourbon, with the blender finishing the concoction in port casks to bring out a distinct flavour of citrus mixed with sweet berry.

The first sip gives out a note of fresh, ripe berry leading to a trace of pepper and finally the rich, smooth and malty flavour of American Oak port casks.

Founder of Big Bottom and President of the Oregon Distillers Guild, Ted Pappas, declared: "Our customers are big fans of our finished bourbon, so it was a natural decision to finish the blended whiskey in the port casks. After tasting this beautiful whiskey, I have no doubt our port finished bourbon lovers will embrace it."

Established in 2010 as an independent bottler of whiskey and rum products, Big Bottom graduated to distilling in July 2014, fortified with a 100-gallon all-copper still to produce a broader range of booze.

All products of the company are 91° proof in honour of his 1991 classmates who graduated with Pappas from The Military College of South Carolina. Big Bottom whiskeys are retailed in Oregon, California, Washington, Illinois, Nevada, South Carolina and Georgia. The products range from $21.95 to $44.95 a bottle.

Image: Big Bottom Barlow Trail, Port Cask Finish. Photo: courtesy of Big Bottom Distilling.