Around three out of five people in Britain drink alcohol to relax in the evenings, according to a new research from alcohol education charity Drinkaware.

Conducted by full-service research and insights consultancy ICM Group, among the 30-45 year age group, around 44% of the people opt for drinking on daily basis or most days of the week to relax, observed the firm.

At work, 44% of people tend to consume alcohol if they have a stressful day, while 22% of people consume alcohol if they had a bad day.

Around 60% of the adults blame work load in the office, 49% blame money and financial worries and 36% blame home or family life as causes of stress, which ultimately leads to drinking.

Majority (68%) of people reported drinking at home usually with dinner (24%) or while watching TV afterwards (33%).

According to the research, around 71% of people reported buying alcohol from their regular grocery store.

Nearly 34% of men and 43% of women aged 30-45 years reported drinking above the daily unit guidelines, which put them at risk of health related issues like liver disease and cancer.

Through its online tool, the company is encouraging adults to track their daily intake of alcohol and get support to change their habitual drinking.

Drinkaware campaigns and communications head Siobhan McCann said alcohol can be a ‘false friend’ when you are trying to deal with stress.

"Even though it might seem like a few drinks can relieve the pressures of the day, in the medium to long term it can actually add to them – whether they’re work, financial or family related," McCann added.

"Stress can also be an excuse for people to drink more than they should, especially if they don’t realise the negative impact it can have on their health and wellbeing."