Wirtz Beverage, a Chicago-based spirits, wine and beer wholesaler, has formed a joint venture (JV) with convenience distributing giant McClane to purchase a minority stake in Missouri Beverage of St Louis.

Missouri Beverage mainly distributes spirits, wines, beers, juices and soda throughout the state.

The deal will allow Wirtz Beverage to expand its distributorship into Missouri.

Wirtz has already operations in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada and Wisconsin.

Wirtz Beverage president Rockwell Wirtz said that the company needs to take bold moves to drive value for suppliers and customers in this fast changing industry.

"Our joint venture with McLane, and together our combined investment into a new state with Missouri Beverage, is a continued step in that direction," Wirtz added.

"With our focus on technology and an institutional knowledge of the Midwest marketplace, particularly in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, we can’t think of a better place, a better time or better partners."

McLane CEO and president Grady Rosier said, "When you can take the most advanced logistics company in the world, unite it with one of the top wholesalers in the country, and join forces with an established, respected on the ground distributor, you create an incredible amount of excitement and potential."

Missouri Beverage president Bill Reichhardt said, "Our new partners provide unprecedented insight and industry acumen that will be critical to expanding our service and operations."

The deal is expected to close in May 2013.