Winery Exchange, a California-based premier private brand beverage alcohol company, has teamed with Otis McAllister to expand its business in Asia, following the substantial growth of beverage alcohol market in Asia.

Otis McAllister, a California-based importer and food company which has been operating in the food and beverage industry in Asia for over 100 years, will serve as the sales and distribution unit of Winery Exchange throughout Asia.

Otis McAllister chairman and CEO Royce Nicolaisen said the company is confident that the beverage alcohol industry will continue to grow in China and throughout Asia.

"We are very committed to this market and confident that Winery Exchange is the ideal partner to expand our business in this sector," Nicolaisen added.

Winery Exchange president and CEO Peter Byck said Otis McAllister has a successful long-term track record of doing business in Asia and its core values are perfectly in line with Winery Exchange.

Among the Asian countries, China tops the list with wine imports growing by 65% to 241 million litres in 2011, according to the Robobank report ‘Wine in China – Mind the Gap.’

Winery Exchange international managing director Dan Irving said the Asian wine market is growing very fast and there is a lot of opportunity.

"This partnership is very exciting as it combines our strong global capabilities developing, producing and delivering beverage alcohol products to customers with Otis’ strong business relationships throughout Asia," Irving added.

Image: Winery Exchange has got top quality wine suppliers throughout the world and is continuously evaluating new suppliers and new regions. Photo: