WineEmotion USA, a company that imports and distributes WineEmotion line of wine dispensing systems in the US, is all set to showcase its wine dispensing machines at the NAFEM ’13 trade show from 7-9 February 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

WineEmotion is the brainchild of WineEmotion co-founder Riccardo Gosi, who used similar Italian design aesthetic and technology as that of his first wine dispenser Enomatic introduced in 2002 and developed the machine by using latest advancements in the technology.

The new wine dispensing systems are made of moving parts that reduces mechanical stress, instead of interchangeable attachment nozzles used in other wine dispensers.

Imported from Italy, the WineEmotion line of wine dispensers are patented under ISOL-PLUS Total Isolation Technology that preserves each wine bottle independently to prevent aromatic cross contamination and offers perfect wine sales results through the glass.

This preservation technology allows retailers, wine bars and restaurants to expand their wine sales with greater confidence.

Moreover, the WineEmotion system is made of the finest grade industrial parts that minimize maintenance costs.

Gosi said WineEmotion creates a perfect wine experience through research and technology.

"While other preservation systems use the same Argon or Nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, WineEmotion™ is the first system that uses independent pressurization valves to keep each bottle preserved individually," Gosi added.

WineEmotion is nationally distributed in the US by Rinaldini Distribution, an importer and distributor of beverage management and serving systems.

Rinaldini Distribution president Roberto Rinaldini said their clients felt the importance of a wine dispensing solution that does not require high maintenance costs during its lifetime.

"The WineEmotion™ brand evolution is representative of our clients’ needs and we’re proud to offer a product that will increase their bottom line," Rinaldini added.