Wine World Amherst, a New York-based wine store, has selected internet marketing firm APlus Net Solutions to develop social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) for its website –

The wine store, which opened its new store in October 2011 and launched site, uses all its internet options like website, Facebook, Foursquare and mailing list to reach to customers and update them on latest sales, wine tastings and special events.

APlus Net Solutions owner Larry Patrick said: "Internet Marketing is first about determining the phrases consumers or businesses are using to find a company’s product or service – then Analyzing the existing Website and Social Media for that alignment."

APlus analysis found that Wine World website was getting listed in search engines for ‘liquor’ phrases but not for ‘wines.’

Wine World also uses the latest social media technologies to amplify the effect of content updates using ‘write once’ then ‘post everywhere’ solution.

Patrick added the most important step though is designing the ‘content push’ strategy with the target phrases in mind and measuring the results.

Wine World Amherst owner Jim MacKenzie said they started out just looking for ways to simplify their Facebook updating process and APlus has opened up their thinking to a much broader opportunity.