The Washington wine industry is valued at around $8.6bn in 2010-11, compared to $14.9bn nationally, according to a report by the Washington State Wine Commission, a representing body of licensed wineries and wine grape growers in the state.

Washington state produces wines in various categories and at different price points.

The number of wineries in the state has increased from 534 in 2007 to 739 in 33 counties in the year 2011. Like their counterparts in other states of the US, majority of the wineries in Washington are small family-owned operations.

Vineyards in the state keep growing, and grape harvesting wine estates has increased from 30,500 to 35,000 acres. The state has added thousands of additional farm land for plantation of grapes in 2008-2009, which are yet to be harvested.

Washington wineries produced 11.2 million cases of wine in 2010, which created revenue of about $1bn in direct winery revenue, and gave employment to 30,000 people and hundreds of affiliated businesses and organizations.

The study by Washington State Wine Commission of the Washington wine industry is part of the broad evaluation of industry suppliers, including farm and wine machinery suppliers, bottle producers, cork and barrel finishers, marketing and professional services, banking, transport, laboratories, distribution, tourism, retailing and restaurants, in 33 counties in Washington and across the US.

The commission is guided by a selected board and the commission arranges marketing platform to increase awareness about the Washington State wine industry and creation of new markets.

The commission is a state government agency financed by the industry – through estimation based on grape and wine sales.