Pennsylvania-based Victory Brewing plans to build a second brewery in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, with an investment of around $50m.

Victory Brewing has signed a lease-to-purchase agreement for the new facility,14 miles west of its current location in Downingtown.

The facility will allow the company to produce new beers, meet the consumer demand for its current portfolio, and create additional employment opportunities.

Victory Brewing spokesperson Karen Noonan said the new 212,000ft² facility, which was once a Green Giant distribution centre, will have the capacity to produce 200,000 barrels per anum.

The company also plans to install a 200-barrel brewhouse system at the Parkesburg site.

The new project is being financed with a traditional bank loan from First Niagara, according to the company.

According to Noonan, around $28.5m out of $50m investment will cover the original lease, construction and equipment, while the remaining $21.5m will be used for lease-to-purchase deal of the property over the next seven years.

The company has selected the location owing to its similarities with Downingtown facility.

Environmental impact, water quality and Victory’s ‘locally brewed, locally loved’ motto were major considerations for this expansion.

Noonan said significant work needs to happen at the new site before it is ready to go online in the summer of 2013.

She said the new location will eventually become Victory’s centre of operations and will house the company’s flagship brewing and packaging.

"Once it’s 100% up-and-running, Downingtown will become our limited-edition draft brewery where we will get to experiment with new recipes and flavors and hopefully discover new brands to add to our core family," she added.

Noonan expects the sales to reach 100,000 barrels this year, while its 2011 sales increased by 38% to 81,000 barrels, compared to 58,000 barrels in 2010.