Vias Imports, a US-based import company specializing in small wineries, is to make Italian-winemaker Principe Pallavicini products available in the US.

Principe Pallavicini will initially roll out Frascati Superiore, Poggio Verde Frascati Superiore, a single vineyard Frascati and a Syrah in the US.

Located in Frascati, Principe Pallavicini has over 208 acres of vineyards at Colonna and Cerveteri holdings, among which 133 acres are used for producing white varietals of Frascati DOCG.

The winery is planning to increase its white varietals such as Grechetto, Greco and Semillon through new plantings in the estate’s vineyard to produce more modern white wines.

Since 1600, the Pallavicini family has been producing wine from Lazio region of Italy making use of its viticulture.

Now, under the leadership of Maria Camilla Pallavicini, the winery plans to expand its wine production in Lazio.

To match with the microclimate of the Principe Pallavicini estate, a team of agronomist Mauro de Angelis, winemaker Carlo Ferrini and resident winemaker Carlo Roveda constantly take proper care of the vineyard and follow proper techniques during the production of wine.

Principe Pallavicini portfolio of wines include 1670, Poggio Verde, The Giara, Frascati, Malvasia Puntinata, Amarasco, Moroello and Soleggio, among others.

The winery distributes its products to foreign countries such as Ireland, Poland, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and the US.

Principe Pallavicini distributes its products in Ireland through Dunne & Crescenzi and in Malta through Attard.

Ardi Wines distributes the estates’ wines in Poland, while Teneritalia Alimentacion distributes the products in Spain.

Established in 1983, Vias Imports is a major Italian wine importer in the US market and distributes wines directly in the States of New York and New Jersey and nationally through a network of 61 distributors.

Image: The Principe Pallavicini winery was established by one of Italy’s oldest noble families and houses over 300 years of viticultural experience. Photo: Principe Pallavicini