Vectura, a Norway-based logistics business serving wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages, has selected the Blue Ridge CLARITY Replenish solution to improve its logistics through supply chain.

The Blue Ridge demand forecasting and replenishment solutions are used in combination with Blue Ridge Visibility Analytics and Lifeline services.

By optimising demand and supply chain along with logistics coordination from production sources and wineries to its Nordic customers, Vectura aims to go aggressively and improve its precision, profit and delivery to import partners.

Vectura CEO Erik Bern said the company has just finalised an important move to a sophisticated and tailor-made third party logistics facility for wines and spirits.

"By choosing CLARITY Replenish and Visibility Analytics with Lifeline services from Blue Ridge, we now take the step up to elite performance in Supply Chain Planning and Inventory Replenishment," he added.

The company selected Blue Ridge because its solutions are deployed in the cloud.

Bern said the fact that Blue Ridge is a Software-as-a-Service solution makes the technical implementation and operation of the solution particularly simple and transparent to Vectura.

"Furthermore, we see the advantage of Inventory Investment having prior experience implementing Clarity Replenish with SAP," Bern added.

"With a long and impeccable track record of successful, similar projects, it assured me that we have chosen a solution and a partner that is in line with our ambitious plans for the future."

Blue Ridge CEO Greg White said, "CLARITY Replenish and Visibility Analytics will provide game-changing breakthroughs to Vectura, delivering competitive advantages and improved profitability."