New Holland Brewing, a US-based microbrewery, has implemented The Digital Dining Dashboard, powered by WhenToManage Restaurant Solutions.

The Digital Dining Dashboard solution is expected to help facilitate operations and increase above-the-store collaboration through web technology.

Chaos director and partner Dave White said the kind of expansion the company has achieved, the brewery needed to improve its operational efficiency and it required a web-based solution to manage the man power and the business.

"Think about it this way, we went from a paper-based system hand-built to a repeatable web-based solution with connections to our Digital Dining POS system," White said.

"It was like going from a ‘I think we’re making money on that’ to ‘hey, I just found out how to make 10% more on this’. We’ve become smarter operators, which means better costs for our customers and happier employees.

"Initially, we started off with the business intelligence and labor apps and found that we could manage our people and operations easily. But, in a fast-paced brewery, cost controls on raw ingredients is key. Inventory is our big issue now, and we are all over it with the Digital Dining Dashboard."

The brewery will apply the entire collection of Digital Dining Dashboard solutions this year.

The application will allow White and team to access each department and revenue canter through a centralized dashboard.

The new application will also help the team in inventory management and web-based operational reporting.

The brewery can access the point of sale (POS) terminal through the polling application.

WhenToManage sales and marketing VP Walker Thompson said as a solutions-oriented company, with years of internal operations experience, the company aims to provide technology that helps in three things: reduce complexity, decrease manager back-office time, and lower operating costs.

"But one key factor remains above all else, we maintain relationships with our users. Working with New Holland Brewing Company, we plan to provide as many features and options to help them catch the low performers or find opportunities to succeed in this improving economy," Thompson added.

WhenToManage Restaurant Solutions was founded to develop web-based software solutions for the restaurant and retail industry.

WhenToManage Restaurant Solutions offer scalable solutions to manage reporting, inventory management, employee scheduling, and guest relations, with an aim to help all employees of an organization to stay connected.