True Fabrications, a Washington-based company producing wine accessories, has launched a new Twist Adjustable Wine Aerator under the Host brand.

The new wine aerator comes with six different settings for air to pass into the flowing wine, which can change the texture of the wine depending on aeration.

When the wine is poured through the aerator set at one, the wine attains texture equivalent to one hour of aeration.

This setting is ideal for mature wines with more than eight years of aging, which are mellow and need to breathe for shorter period of time.

For young red wines, which are higher in tannic acid and require more time for tannins to mellow, the wine aerator can be twisted to setting three, four or five to introduce more air into the wine.

The adjustable wine aerator also features stainless steel band, acrylic strainer that filters out unwanted sediments and the flow meter that regulates the pour for dependable aeration levels.

Hedges Family Estate Winery founder Tom Hedges said there are many popular, quality aeration products on the market like the Vinturi, which has only one rate of aeration.

"Not every wine benefits from maximum aeration – some delicate or older wines can actually be ruined with too much air," Hedges added.

The Twist Adjustable Wine Aerator is available for purchase at retail outlets and online with a price tag of $40.

Image: Twist Adjustable Wine Aerator is shipped in a wine gift box. Photo: True Fabrications