Tomra of North America, a supplier of advanced recycling solutions, has deployed a new recycling unit at the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative’s (OBRC) 7,000ft² beverage bottles processing center in Salem, Oregon in the US.

Tomra has supplied the Salem recycling plant, called BottleDrop Redemption Center, with reverse vending machines (RVMs), pre-sorting equipment and an InstaDeem cash redemption kiosk.

The BottleDrop Redemption Center, which is functioned and financed by OBRC in collaboration with participating grocery retailers, is a new concept for bottle redemption in the Oregon region.

The Redemption Center, under the new business model gives the affiliated business units, within the radius of 1.5 miles from the Salem center, the freedom from collecting beverage bottles and cans from their consumers.

Six Tomra T820 RVMs will have the daily capacity to receive maximum of 300 containers per head at a speed of up to one container a second.

Every single Tomra T820 RVMs are capable of collecting glass, plastic and aluminum packages via a single receptacle.

Tomra’s CanDo machines are developed to recycle only aluminum cans and they can process large number of 12-16oz aluminum cans.

The BottleDrop Redemption Center’s Tomra InstaDeem kiosk helps to redeem cash deposits as it reads and authenticates RVM receipts and pays out cash in different denominations.

EZ Drop System allows users to leave the waste bags at the Center, and BottleDrop officials through Tomra pre-sorting equipment and two back-of-house T820s process the containers.

Once the recycling completes, the designated credit amount gets added to the respective user’s BottleDrop account.

Tomra business development vice president Ernie Argenio said the Oregon project is the first installation of the type to utilize Tomra technology for multiple facets – ‘front end’ customers, ‘back of house’ processing and cash settlement.