Australia-based The Tasting Bench has launched a new online service to help users find boutique wines from small undiscovered wineries across the country.

The new online service focuses mainly on finding wines from the small unknown wineries that are independent, family-owned and account for nearly 10% of the total wine consumed in Australia.

Tasting Bench founder Michael van der Sommen told that small and independent wineries do not have a wide distribution network and sometimes they sell their wines only through their cellar doors, local restaurants and their own membership clubs.

"Yet there are many people genuinely interested in Australian wine who want try these quality products but have no way of discovering them," he added.

Under the new service, the company selects four bottles from different wineries as a package and sends them directly to customers once in a month.

Alternatively, users also have an option to select four-bottle packages based on wine quality such as ‘Viva Blanco’ package at $79 per shipment and ‘Iconic’ package at $205 per shipment, where each Tasting Bench wine package is delivered along with tasting card.

The Tasting Bench also offers users with memberships on its website, where users can rate wines, discuss their favorite wines with other members and learn more about each wine and winery.

South Australia-based Rusty Mutt owner Scott Heidrich was quoted by the website as saying that they annually produce around 500 cases of only one wine, a shiraz.

"The Tasting Bench is an excellent way for our wine to be introduced to the type of drinker we want to connect with – those searching for small production, quality driven wineries. It’s great that the Tasting Bench is respecting the quality of our offering and isn’t a discount service, which is synonymous with most online retailers today," Heidrich added.