Trinchero Family Estates (TFE), a Napa Valley-based family-owned wine company, has completed the installation of a new wastewater treatment center in St Helena, California.

Installed by New Zealand-based Lyve Systems in September 2011, the wastewater treatment system processes the winery’s wastewater into reusable clean water.

The new system, which costs over $2m, is located at the Sutter Home Winery’s facility, where TFE produces Sutter Home wines, Napa Cellars, Menage a Trois, SeaGlass, Trinity Oaks and The Wine Cube.

With processing capacity of 250,000gal of water per day, the new system presently treats around 70,000-100,000gal of water daily, where the treated water is used in refrigeration cooling systems, crush pads clean up and other systems.

TFE operations vice president Kevin LeMasters said the treated water not only exceeds required standards, and provides reusable water, but creates a natural habitat for wildlife.

"In the processed water ponds, we have six species of new birds, frogs, geese, and a new family of baby ducks, which is a testament to the water quality," LeMasters added.

Since the installation of wastewater treatment system in September 2011, the winery has become energy efficient and reduced its electricity costs by around $27,000.

TFE president and COO Bob Torkelson said the process wastewater treatment system is an example of the commitment of the Trinchero Family – stewards of the environment in Napa since 1948.

Napa County land use development supervisor Sheldon Sapoznik said Trinchero has been really proactive at cleaning the waste water at their facilities, which is good for the community of Napa Valley and their environment.

"TFE’s new system is unique and effective – we hope this will set an example for other companies to follow," Sapoznik added.

Image: Trinchero Family Estate’s wastewater treatment plant is a battle against California’s most improtant limited natural resource, water. Photo: Trinchero Family Estates