TastingRoom, an online retailer that allows consumers to discover and enjoy wine in several formats, has redesigned its website with new features.

The new features include linking the website with social network like Facebook, refined search engine and easy navigation.

TastingRoom.com e-Commerce vice president Ian Hackett said they treat wine as social and based on this they redesigned their site.

"We integrated our social channels into the website design, so our customers can connect with us in whatever way they find most convenient. For example, customers can now sign into our site through Facebook Connect and then comment on and share our content with their Friends," he added.

"In addition to this social element, we simplified our navigation, refined our search engine and built more compelling product pages that really highlight our exclusive offering."

The online retailer is mainly known for their Wine Samplers, Total Anaerobic Sample Transfer Environment (TASTE) Technology and Taste Explorer Wine Club.

Wine Samplers are small sized 50ml bottles of six premium wines collected from all around the world and hand-picked by celebrities like Emeril Lagasse, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Chiarello and Rajat Parr.

The TASTE Technology, which is mainly set for smaller format products, allows the retailer to offer wines with same flavors as that of full-sized bottles.

TastingRoom founder and TASTE Technology inventor Tim Bucher said they always aimed to make wine more approachable for consumers.

"Our new website takes another step towards that goal by making the purchase experience of Wine Samplers, Wines by the Glass and Wine Bottles easier and more engaging for our customers," Bucher added.