The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) in the UK has revealed that they are working with a team of specialists to help ensure that the Scotch industry is ready to handle the post-Brexit market situation.

SWA believes that leaving the EU will affect the sector and create a major impact on other British industries.

According to SWA director of legal affairs Alan Park, Scotch Whisky has been recognised as a geographical indication (GI) since it was introduced by World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules in 1994. He emphasised the significance of looking at what Brexit might mean for the Scotch Whisky GI, which provides legal protection for the product and consumers.

"Scotch Whisky has been recognised as a geographical indication (GI) since it was introduced by World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules in 1994."

As per the mandatory obligations mentioned in WTO rules, its members have the responsibility to restrict the misuse of GIs. Some WTO members ensure that they are not misused by providing a register for GIs, which is similar to a trade mark register.

Park further explained that Brexit will have an impact on the protection given to Scotch Whisky in some bilateral agreements signed between the EU and third party countries.

He wanted the UK Government to negotiate and ensure the continued benefits of those agreements.

SWA said that they are already taking steps to ensure that Scotch Whisky is recognised and protected in those markets.