Smart Fog, a US-based manufacturer of non-wetting industrial and commercial humidification systems, has unveiled a new winery humidification system ES100.

The 2013 model of humidifier is fully automated, energy efficient, reduces the angel’s share caused by low relative humidity, and is ideal for all winery humidification applications, claims the company.

In the summer season, winemakers and suppliers have to deal with the challenge of keeping the wine barrels at an optimum level of relative humidity.

The latest model from Smart Fog deals with that problem by using proprietary algorithms to automatically adjust itself to maintain the required level of relative humidity.

The ES100 prevents formation of moisture on barrels by creating a dry fog of water droplets that are only 4.2 microns in diameter and instantly evaporates, keeping the barrels dry and mold free.

It provides non-wetting humidity control that can reduce wine loss to evaporation by more than 50% and reduce the need for topping.

Moreover, the ES100 system is fitted with intelligent sensors that have temperature compensation abilities and can maintain a constant level of relative humidity in the wine storage area.

The humidification system can be easily mounted either on wall or into air ducts.

The ES100 has user-friendly control panel, no moving parts and is virtually maintenance free.