Smart Balance, a US-based Consumer goods manufacturer, has launched its first milk line, Kids Milks, in three options, whole, reduced fat and low fat milks.

The three brands, Kids Transitions Whole Milk & Nutrient Blend, Kids Reduced Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend, and Kids Chocolate Low Fat Milk & Nutrient Blend are being initially made available in North Carolina, US and across Harris Teeter stores in the country.

The company says that its first line of milks does not contain any artificial growth hormones and offers calcium and Vitamin D for stronger bones, DHA and EPA Omega-3s for brain and heart health.

Transitions Whole Milk with a blend of iron and prebioticsis targeted towards children aged 12-24 months while Reduced Fat and Chocolate Low Fat Milks are for kids aged two and above.

Smart Balance senior vice president and general manager John Becker said that the new products have been developed keeping in view the difficulty in making children have healthy foods.

"Smart Balance(R) Kids Milks provide wholesome milk and a blend of nutrients to give kids a strong nutritional foundation during critical stages of development," he added.