Aceo, a UK-based Scotch whisky supplier, has purchased an independent single malt Scotch whisky bottling company Murray McDavid for an undisclosed amount.

Established in 1996, Murray is mainly known for its bottling, which are unchillfiltered and colour free.

Currently, the company is using a new kind of bottling called ACE-ing (Additional cask evolution), where spirits are aged in wine casks sourced from all around the world.

In December 2000, Murray McDavid was involved in the original acquisition of Bruichladdich distillery on Hebridean island of Islay.

However, in 2012, the Bruichladdich distillery was sold to French spirits company Remy Cointreau.

By purchasing Murray McDavid, Aceo will continue to produce and market the Murray products to challenge industry conventions.

However, both the companies will run as separate entities.

Aceo director Edward Odim said the company had good relations with Murray McDavid in the past.

"Our intention is to continue the legacy of Murray McDavid by staying true to its founders’ vision and principles such as bottling carefully selected single malts without chill-filtering or adding colour and continuing and developing the tradition of Ace-ing casks," Odim added.

"Murray McDavid will be independently managed by individuals previously involved in its running, who understand its roots and are committed to building on its achievements."

Aceo supplies cask whiskies such as single malts, single grain and various blended products, and also provide distillery services such as cask storage, bottling and labelling to the Scotch whisky industry.