Rum Runner Press, a Texas-based company that serves the needs of the rum industry, is to expand its product portfolio by lining up a new range of Solera-aged rums in January 2013.

The company sources its products from private brand owners and distillers looking to sell their aged rum inventories.

The line-up of rums include Solara-aged rums aged 2-3yo, 5yo, 8yo, 10yo, 12yo and 15yo.

Each Solera-aged rum is made using sugarcane distillates sourced from different countries and regions and thereby feature different characteristics and authenticity.

All the rums are aged using the Spanish method of aging sherry in tropical climates in selected American oak and ex-Bourbon casks, but are bottled at different alcohol strengths.

The rums are available as bulk quantity, ready to be blended, bottled and labeled ready for sale formats and can be shipped throughout the world in variety of shipping containers.

Rum Runner Press president Luis Ayala said the Soleras were invented in Spain to reduce differences between grape crops and their distillates.

"A properly executed and maintained Solera not only achieves this goal, but is also the source of the oak depth and complexities behind some of today’s most recognized aged rums," Ayala added.

Image: Rum consumption in the US increased from 153 million litres in 2001 to 225 million litres in 2011. Photo: Rum Runner Press, Inc.