Rioja region in northern Spain has reported 7.74% increase in wine exports during the first six months (H1) of 2013 compared to the same period in the previous year.

According to Rioja’s DOCa wine quality regulation agency, the region’s wines exports totalled 47.7 million liters or 12.6 million gallons during the first half period.

The UK emerged as the top customer for Rioja wines, followed by Germany and the US.

A total of 14.8 million liters were purchased by the UK, an increase of 4.58% compared to the prior year period.

Germany imported 8.6 million liters or 0.56% less than the year before.

The US reported a 20.23% increase to slightly more than five million liters.

The domestic consumption rose by 2.75% to 91.8 million liters in the reporting period.

Rioja wine sales were up by 4.4% to 139.5 million liters between January and June over the same period in 2012.

Non-vintage or young wines were the best-selling wines, followed by vintage wines, regular reserve wines and larger reserve wines.

Non-vintage or young wines rose by 1.7% with 64.4 million liters, vintage wines reported 4.24% increase with 52.4 million liters, regular reserve wines were up by 13.18% with 20.2 million liters and larger reserve wines rose by 15.26% with 2.3 million liters.

The average price per liter for exported wines was €4.10 between January and June 2013 as against the €3.97 in the prior year period.