Quest Water Global, a Canada-based water technology company, has entered into a contract manufacturing agreement with Tecnologia del Pacifico of Mexico for fabrication and assembly of the AQUAtap water purification system in Baja California, Mexico.

The deal was signed by Quest Water in anticipation of receiving purchase orders from Angola and from its Caribbean and Central American distribution and marketing partner, Pure Water Solutions.

The manufacturing plant in Baja California also has the capability of providing additional fabrication and assembly services during increased production demands from other African, South American and Asian countries.

With the manufacturing agreement in place, and upon securing the orders, AQUAtap systems will be manufactured and shipped directly to customers.

Quest Water Global CEO and president John Balanko said it was essential that they secure additional manufacturing capacity to immediately support their marketing efforts in Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America, and be in a strong position to produce mass quantities of their AQUAtap system.

"We have been extremely impressed with the team of professionals at Tecnologia del Pacifico and are confident in their ability to build and assemble our AQUAtap™ systems quickly and with the highest quality standards possible," Balanko added.

"Tecnologia del Pacifico will give Quest Water’s purchase orders top priority and ensure that high quantities of our community drinking water stations can be deployed efficiently to our customers in a cost-effective manner."

Tecnologia del Pacifico operations vice president and CFO Ward Hotze said they are honoured to be part of Quest Water’s mission to bring clean drinking water solutions to communities in need across the globe.

"Our team of quality control specialists and manufacturing leaders has a long track record of delivering high quality technical and mechanical systems that support healthy environmental outcomes for end-users," Hotze added.

"The manufacture of Quest Water’s innovative water purification system requires expertise to deliver intricate technical infrastructure and ensure high standards of consumer safety, which is the hallmark of our reputation."


Image: setting up and testing the AQUAtap system in Bom Jesus, Angola. Photo courtesy of Quest Water Solutions, Inc.