Global supplier of stevia sweeteners PureCircle has indicated that the use of stevia in food and beverages has increased significantly in the last year.

PureCircle appointed independent data provider and market intelligence agency Mintel to provide and analyse the stevia market.

Data released during Q2 of this year revealed stevia usage in food and beverage products has increased by 13% in comparison to 2016.

"Stevia usage in food and beverage products has increased by 13% in comparison to 2016."

According to Mintel, the companies that launched food and beverage products with stevia include The Coca-Cola Company, Danone, Kraft Heinz, Nestle, PepsiCo, and Unilever. It was also noted that use has nearly doubled in Q2 of this year compared to products launched in the Q2, 2012.

Of the stevia-containing beverage products launched globally in Q2, 2017, 9% were carbonated soft drinks and juices.

Mintel's research also suggested that the use of ‘natural origin’ sweeteners has increased sharply, and the top-five categories in terms of new product launches during Q2, 2017, includes snacks, carbonated soft drinks, dairy beverages, and juice drinks.