PS Spirits, a US-based spirits maker, has purchased two brands, PORNSTAR Liquor and PORNSTAR NRG drinks, from SV Spirits.

The deal, which is being held private, will allow PS Spirits to manage all the aspects of brands including model contracts and model management, strategic alliances in the adult entertainment industry, worldwide promotion and marketing.

Under the agreement, PS Spirits will work with Nevada-based 24/7 Imports to handle imports, production and distribution of the PORNSTAR Liquor and PORNSTAR NRG brands.

Earlier, SV Spirits owned all the assets, trademarks, contracts, formulas, licenses, and rights of both brands.

PS Spirits CEO and majority owner Max Gambler said 24/7 Imports already has a winning formula and success rate with brands such as SEX REPUBLIC Vodka, CALAVERA Tequila, SIN CITY Distillers and the just went public brand of LeFLAV Spirits, so why not jump on their success train and let them handle all of their production and distribution, as they already have the distribution channels, production capacity and the formula for success.

"We are very excited to bring these high quality premium brands to the masses. Furthermore, we are even more excited for the infinite opportunities ahead and to be working with some of the top Adult Stars and Celebrities in the industry we have on our radar whom we feel personify the attitude and mindset associated with the PORNSTAR® Brand," Gambler added.

With the launch of both brands, the company aims to capture worldwide attention and grow the business just like the successful Bad Boy Vodka.

Both PORNSTAR Liquor and PORNSTAR NRG brands will be rolled out in November 2013.

In addition to two brands, SV Spirits also produces PORNSTAR Vodkas, PORNSTAR Tequila, PORNSTAR Whiskey and PORNSTAR Champagne.