Primo Water, a US-based producer of water dispensers and purified water, has registered 20.6% rise in net sales to $25m during the second quarter (Q2) ended 30 June 2012, compared to $20.7m during the same period last year.

The increase was primarily due to growth in both water and dispenser sales.

Sales in the dispenser segment increased by 58% to $9.3m from $5.9m in the second quarter of 2011.

The increase in the sales of dispenser segment was due to addition of new locations that offer dispensers and due to growth of sell-thru at existing locations.

Water dispenser units sell-thru to consumers increased by 36.7% to 96,500.

Primo’s water segment sales for the second quarter of 2012 increased by 3.6% to $15.4m, compared to $14.8m in the second quarter of 2011, primarily due to a 14.2% increase in the US exchange sales.

Primo Water CEO and president Billy Prim said the company’s increased net sales are in-line with its expectations for the second quarter and plans to add new dispenser households and grow water sales.

"Consequently, after further review of our business segments, we made the decision to focus more on the growth of our core water and dispenser businesses going forward, and we will pursue shareholder-enhancing strategic alternatives including potential Flavorstation appliance brand licensing partnerships or the sale of certain Flavorstation appliance assets," Prim added.