Premium de Jalisco, a Mexico-based family-owned and operated craft distillery, is to expand the distribution footprint of its premium product – Luna Nueva Tequila – into new markets.

Produced by Premium de Jalisco master distiller Don Wilfrido Ortega Casas, the Luna Nueva Tequila is made using 100% Blue Weber Agaves collected from lowlands and highlands of Jalisco regions. After harvesting, the agaves are baked in stone ovens, then fermented and double-distilled in traditional pot stills.

Launched for the first time in New Jersey in 2011, Luna Nueva Tequila experienced successful run in the region with all its three variants – Luna Nueva Reposado Tequila, Luna Nueva Anejo and Luna Nueva Silver.

The spirit also received awards from spirit experts such as, Spirits of Mexico, Fifty Best, and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The company is now in search for strategic partners to expand the market of its ultra premium boutique tequilas.

Luna Nueva Tequila managing partner Luis Cruz said there is an increasing demand for tequilas offered at reasonable price in the market.

"Having an award winning Tequila with uncompromised quality, our commitment to the brand is second to none," Cruz added.

"As a 24th generation Mexican with roots in Jalisco since the very early 1500’s, I believe that Tequila’s time has come and we will prove to the world that we can consistently compete with any other high end spirit, now and for many years to come."

Luna Nueva Tequila is now available in the US sates of Idaho, Ohio, Mississippi, New Jersey and Tennessee.