Pernod Ricard USA, owner of Tequila Avion brand, is all set to unveil Avion Espresso Liqueur in the US in March 2013.

Avion Espresso is a blend of Avion Silver Tequila and fine Italian espresso, creating ultra-premium and ultra-smooth espresso liqueur with sweet character and dry finish.

The 70 proof liqueur can be consumed as a chilled shot, over ice or can be used in preparation of cocktails like Avion Irish Espresso and Avion Iced Espresso.

Avion Irish Espresso is a blend of Avion Espresso and Jameson Irish Whiskey, and is served with ice.

Avion Iced Espresso is a blend of Avion Espresso, Italian Espresso and soda water, and is served with or without milk.

Tequila Avion founder and chairman Ken Austin said they wanted to break the traditional tequila rules while developing Avion Espresso.

"To me, it was critical not to cut corners and to use only the highest quality ingredients including Avion Silver Tequila and fine Italian Espresso," Austin added.

"What we have accomplished with our team in Mexico is the creation of a special liquid and a beautiful bottle."

Pernod Ricard USA president and CEO Bryan Fry said Tequila Avion is a consumer favourite brand for the company’s portfolio.

"The Pernod Ricard team and our distributors are passionate about Avion and we look forward to the launch of Avion Espresso," Fry added.

Avion Espresso will be available in 375ml and 750ml bottles at suggested retail price of $13.99 and $24.99, respectively.