Pernod Ricard has registered consolidated sales, excluding tax and duties, of EUR6,315m for the third quarter ended 31 March 2012, a 7% rise, against EUR5,902m during the same period in 2011.

Chief executive officer Pierre Pringuet said the company has achieved good performance during the 2012 third quarter, and it has concluded a new syndicated credit facility with attractive terms, thus completing the group’s refinancing.

The company’s consolidated sales rise of 7% equates to an organic growth of 9%, a negative group structure impact limited to -1% due to the disposal of certain activities in New Zealand in 2010-11 and in Canada in 2011-12.

Consolidated sales rise also equates 1% negative forex impact due to the Indian Rupee, the US Dollar and the Mexican Peso.

During the third quarter sales increased 17% in emerging markets and 3% in mature markets.

Sales in emerging markets represented 77% of the group’s organic sales growth.

In the 2012 third quarter, consolidated sales increased 5% against the same period in 2010-11 to €1,701m, including organic growth of 3%, a group structure effect of -1% and a foreign exchange effect that turned positive at 3%.

Premium brands of Pernod Ricard contributed 73% of sales at the end of the 20121 third quarter.

Volumes of the company’s top 14 strategic spirits and champagne brands, which account for 61% of group sales, increased by 5% and 11% in value.

The company’s four premium wine brands, which account for 5% of group sales, grew 1% in volume and 4% in value.

Eighteen strategic local spirits brands, which account for 17% of group sales, increased 10% both in volume and in value led by Indian whiskies.

Asia/Rest of the world registered sales growth of 15% to €2,474m.

Sales in Americas were €1,589m, with an organic growth of +5%.