Panache Beverages is all set to distribute its premium brands at LDV and SCM Hospitality locations in the US.

At LDV hospitality locations, Panache will roll out its premium vodka – Wodka Vodka and Alchemia Infused, whereas at SCM hospitality locations the company will release all the three brands in its portfolio – Wodka Vodka, Alchemia Infused and Alibi American Whiskey.

Wodka Vodka is a low priced, premium vodka, whereas Alchemia Vodka is a blend with three premium, artisan infusions of Ginger, Wild Cherry and Chocolate.

Both Wodka Vodka and Alchemia Vodka are imported from Poland.

Alibi American Whiskey is a blend of corn, rye and malted barley that is aged in first-fill American oak casks, distilled in Indiana and bottled and blended in Florida.

The distribution includes well placement for Wodka Vodka and cocktail placements for Alchemia Infused at all SCM locations in the US, whereas both well and cocktail placements at all the LDV locations in the US.

The brands will be rolled out at LDV Hospitality locations of New York, Atlantic City, Miami, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas, and at SCM Hospitality locations of New York, Miami, Toronto, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas.

Alibi American Whiskey will be rolled out in bars at Miami and New York.

Panache Beverages business development vice president Michael Romer said LDV Hospitality continues to expand its portfolio of collaborating with restaurants and celebrity chefs including Scott Conant’s Scarpetta at Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach and Marc Forgione’s American Cut at Revel in Atlantic City.

"SCM Hospitality has a tremendous reputation in the culinary and epicurean communities," he added.

"Building relationships with partners that are leaders amongst their peers is a critical component in Panache’s brand building strategy."