Omission Brewing Company (OBC), a brand of craft beers introduced by Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) in Portland, Oregon, has supported the new gluten-free labelling standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The new standards provide guidance to gluten sensitive consumers, including celiac disease sufferers.

According to the new labelling rules, the accepted levels of gluten in the beer are 20 ppm, which is constant in many countries around the world.

The brewery claims to be the first in the US to brew beers with traditional beer ingredient such as malted barley to reduce the gluten content.

It uses gluten detection test – the R5 Competitive ELISA – to check the gluten levels and also posts the independent test results online for every batch of beer packaged.

Moreover, the recent mass spectrometry analyses of Omission Beer confirmed that the protein fragments left in Omission Beer do not contain the toxic amino acid sequences that cause reactions in gluten intolerant consumers.

CBA CEO Terry Michaelson said at Omission Beer, they applaud the FDA for bringing US rules in alignment with the global standard for gluten-free.

"Our beer tests well below the 20 ppm standard," Michaelson added.

"With the new standard in place, celiac disease sufferers — like me and many of our team members — and others with gluten sensitivity can now make confident and better informed choices."