Daily consumption of non-alcoholic red wine is found to be preventing low to moderate hypertension by bringing down systolic blood pressure, according to a Spanish study.

About 67 men aged 55 to 80 having diabetes or cardiovascular risks have been considered for a four-week study, who were asked to consume 10 ounces of non-alcoholic red wine, 3 ounces of gin or 10 ounces of red wine at different periods of time daily.

According to the researchers of the study, the tests taken on all the subjects, when they consumed non-alcoholic red wine, have witnessed a six point average reduction in their systolic blood pressure readings and 20% drop in cardiac stroke risk.

The study revealed that the nitric oxide levels in the body increase significantly when the subject consumes non-alcoholic red wine, go up slightly when he consumes red wine and results in nothing when gin is consumed.

The increase in nitric oxide levels will help in relaxing blood vessel walls and creating improved blood flow through vessels, the study noted.

Further, the study suggested people to consume red wine without alcohol to experience the pulmonary benefits it offers.

The high antioxidant levels in the red wine have been found out in the recent medical findings to be protecting arteries and improving cholesterol levels, which impacts heart functioning positively.