A new social drinking app – drinklobby, which allows to share drinks reviews and check favorite drinks of friends in real time, has been developed for iPhone users.

The drinks recommendation engine helps wine, spirits and beer enthusiasts, producers, retailers, bars and restaurants, critics and people around the world to stay connected.

The app works as a drinks search engine with a database to keep record of popular searched beverages, a wish list, and expert and user remarks about different beverages and manner of drinks.

Users can generate a drink by clicking the ‘Drink!’ icon and other users can check and post remarks through the Live Drink Feed.

The app was developed by Cesar Guinovart and Natalie, a wine writer, Certified Sommelier and Certified Wine Educator.

Guinovart said drinklobby appeals to everyone from lovers of White Zinfandel to connoisseurs of fine Bordeaux; basic beer drinkers and lovers of local micro brews, sippers of fine whiskies and aged Single Malts and consumers of Cosmos and intricate mixed cocktails.

The company aims to add non-alcoholic beverages, Foursquare integration, specials and discounts on the beverages, and a new variant compatible with LIKE and Android platform.

The app features Drinking Buddies, Drinks Feed, User Profile, Wish List, Ratings, Win Trophies, Facebook & Twitter Integration and Discounts on Beverages.

Drinking Buddies helps to locate friends and Drinks Feed ‘shows a live feed of what’s being enjoyed right now.

Individuals can keep track of their drinks via User Profile and Wish List helps to suggest new drinks.

The new app also allows users to share views on Facebook and Twitter. The location-based features update on latest offering and discounts on different beverages in different places.