Around 90% of the Napa Winery websites are not compatible to be viewed on high-end mobile phones, according to a new survey ‘The 2012 Napa Winery Smartphone User Survey’ by Invictus Marketing, a Napa-based web design and internet marketing agency.

Conducted in July 2012 with 537 wineries listed on the Napa Valley Vintners trade association website, the survey showed that more than 50% of smartphone mobile users in the US are unable to view the information about wines or the winery.

The report also showed a group of Napa wineries using responsive web design, among which only 22.2% of the wineries had fully functional websites running on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Most of the websites using responsive web design system were working well on iOS devices but not on Android smartphones and hence these websites were also placed under unusable responsive web design group in the report.

Invictus Marketing web analytics lead Kelvin Wong said smartphone users look for the website to find the contact details of the business and call them up straightaway.

"But in our survey, we saw that only 56.8% of Napa winery websites had clickable phone numbers. This begins to outline some of the clear disconnects we have observed," Wong added.

"When I need to compare ten websites, I will probably remember the one that is mobile optimized."