Multi Packaging Solutions, a US-based manufacturer of print-based specialty packaging solutions for various industries, has introduced new pressure sensitive labels, wood veneer labels, for Jim Beam’s Limited Edition American Stillhouse Clermont Kentucky Bourbon Whisky.

Digitally printed at Multi Packaging’s Lansing facility in Michigan, the wood veneer labels are made from a hardwood cherry veneer backed with a thin film.

The wood veneers are an ideal stock material for labels and can be attached to bottles using a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives.

The labels are available as rolls and sheets, and can be applied to any surface, including glass, plastic, metal and rigid containers.

They can also be laminated directly to paper, paperboard, or film, for use in folding cartons and marketing promotions.

The labels represent the barrels in which the bourbon is matured.

Jim Beam printed packaging manager Shawn Nevitt said the prospect of making a label that would be a genuine wood material as opposed to a faux wood appearance has been of interest to them for quite some time.

"The barrel aging process is so special and unique to bourbon making that a veneer label just seems to fit and MPS did a great job working with our R&D team on testing and matching our performance specifications," Nevitt added.

Multi Packaging Solutions marketing vice president Erin Willigan said when Jim Beam asked them to explore the possibility of a pressure sensitive label made from wood veneer, they were excited to take on the challenge.

"Working with our developmental partners, our Innovation Team was able to achieve the aesthetic qualities and performance criteria Jim Beam was looking for," Willigan added.

Image: Wood Veneer labels on the Jim Beam’s Limited Edition American Stillhouse Clermont Kentucky Bourbon Whisky. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.