Monvera Glass Decor, a California-based provider of etched wine bottles and screen printed bottle labels, has come up with a new design service provided by its Monvera Art and Design Department.

Wineries and clients can opt for a suitable service that falls under their design needs and budget.

Movera sales and marketing vice president Caitriona Anderson said packaging plays a critical role in making the first sale to a new consumer.

"Our customers need a resource to support them in the crucial decisions that have to be made about their package," Anderson added.

Therefore, they came up with the new design service that includes designing a screen printed paperless version of the paper label, while retaining its logo and art elements.

This service helps customers to combine their label design and label printing together and also embellishes the look of the entire package.

By using this service from Monvera, customers can revamp their entire line of products or specific categories of wine brands such as reserves, late harvest wines and limited and special releases, without losing their brand identity.

Anderson said its customers come with a vision for their label design using which it produces screen printed label or a label for wine bottle etching.

"During the process we are able to incorporate many design techniques that lend themselves to the screen printing process such as full wraps, side label etc.," Anderson added.

"We are happy to be able to provide a full service to our clients between the label design and optimization followed by the actual decoration of the bottle. This streamlined effort saves time and money."

Image: A hand-etched and painted wine bottle with screen printed logo and label. Photo: Monvera Glass Décor