Matrix Packaging Machinery, a US-based manufacturer of packaging equipment, has unveiled a new coffee bagging system – X machine – at the 24th annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Exposition and Symposium.

The new coffee bagging system allows coffee roasters to use floor space effectively and increase production, claims the company.

X machine has the capacity to pack up to 250 bags per minute and fits into an area required by a 45-inch wide bagger.

Matrix Packaging Machinery vice president and general manager Marc Willden said the X machine is two baggers that has two augers fitted into a single small unit.

"The machine creates twice the production per 45-inch-width of floor space as well as greater flexibility for a coffee company," Willden said.

"Production managers can bag the same product using the two augers and form-fill-seal units or run different products at the same time. This gives operations the ability to easily mix or match production runs to meet daily requirements."

The augers from Automation Supply & Engineering are each accurate to + one gram.

X machine’s remote operator station has a spot-check weighing system that enhances weight uniformity.

The control software in X machine automatically adjusts auger dose up or down to fit package requirements based on trial bags weighed at defined intervals.

Matrix Packaging Machinery also provides the option to attach a second remote operator station to get the advantage of X machine two-line operation. The new bagging machine can produce pillow bags ranging from 3-15 inches long and from 2-8 inches wide.

A rugged stainless steel cantilevered frame and other components of X machine are designed to work in 24/7 working environment.

The cantilevered frame is helpful as its open sides are useful for quicker and more ergonomic loading of bag film and printer ribbon, which reduces downtime during film and ribbon changeover.

Vacuum-pull belts, electronic servo motion control and integrated speed control are the some other features of the coffee bagging system that improve overall packaging line integration.

Image: Allows coffee roasters to use floor space effectively and increase production. Photo: Matrix Packaging Machinery