Master of Malt, a UK-based online whisky and spirit merchants, has introduced four new ready-to-drink antique cocktails from the ‘Experimental Series.’

Bottled by The Handmade Cocktail Company, the four drinks are the Negroni, the Manhattan, the Rob Roy and the Martinez.

All the antique cocktails are made by using rare spirits bottled in the 1960s, 1970s and the 1980s using different ingredients and production methods for different flavor profile.

Aging the drink in the bottle oxidises and mellows the spirits thus increasing its taste profile.

The 33.7% ABV Antique Negroni is a classic Italian cocktail with bitter cranberry, macerated raspberry nose and notes of cardamom, cloves and juniper.

Each 200ml of the Antique Negroni is available for £41.95.

Antique Manhattan cocktail carries an alcohol content of 39.1% and possesses notes of cherries, oak, cinnamon and dried red fruits.

Bottled in 1970/1980 and derived from the Batch 1, the 200ml bottle of the cocktail retails for £49.95.

The sweet fruit flavored Antique Rob Roy cocktail carries smell of Maraschino cherries, Seville oranges, nectarines and raspberry and finishes with bitter oranges and candid citrus peel.

Sourced from 1960s and 1970s, the 38.55% ABV Antique Rob Roy cocktail is available for £38.95 per 200ml bottle.

The fourth drink of the Experimental Series is 39% ABV Antique Martinez that possesses juniper and cherries nose and notes of red grapes, raisins, tangerine zest and baked apples and is available at £41.95 per 200ml bottle.

All the cocktails can be purchased online from Master of Malt.

Image: Established in 1985, the online retailer provides UK next day delivery from £6.95. Photo: Master of Malt