Majestic Wine has reported £23.2m profit before tax for the full year ended 2 April 2012, up 14.5%, compared to £20.3m for the year ended 2 April 2011.

Total sales were up 8.9% from £257.3m in 2011 to £280.3m for the year ended 2 April 2012.

Online sales grew 7.8% and represents 10% of the UK retail sales.

Sales to business consumers increased 6.9% and represents 24% of the total UK sales.

Like for like sales in the UK retail stores were up 2.6%.

Sales of fine wine increased 18.5% and represents 6.2% of UK store sales.

Reported average spend per transaction was up from £2 in 2011 to £128 in 2012.

The average bottle of still wine purchased at Majestic Wine is £7.34 as compared to £6.94 in the year ended 2 April 2011.

In France, profit before interest and tax increased from £1m for the year ended 2 April 2011 to £1.4m for the same period in 2012.

In the financial year, the retailer had come up with 16 stores in the UK including Evesham, Weston-Super-Mare, Fleet, Livingston, Hale, Dundee, Worthing, Bury St Edmunds, Clitheroe, Ripon, Braintree, Chesterfield, Wirral, Broadstairs, Wakefield and Berwick.

Majestic also came up with three stores – Northallerton, Esher and Queensferry Road in Edinburgh – since the year end, making the total of 181 stores across the UK.

Majestic Wine CEO Steve Lewis said Majestic has a clearly differentiated operating model, with a focus on delivering exceptional customer service that has proved resilient in a challenging economic environment.