Made In America Store, a US-based store that sells 100% America made products from over 350 vendors, has introduced the Redneck Drinking Ware produced by Carson Home Accents, a Pennsylvania-based wholesale manufacturer and distributor to specialty retail stores nationwide.

The Made In America Store follows a strict code to sell only 100% American made products, for which it asks vendors to produce letter of authenticity and a business document stating the origin of each component used to manufacture the product.

The redneck version of drinking glassware is a combination of glass candle holder stems and mason jars that comes in six different styles.

The different styles of Redneck Drinking Ware are Wine Glasses, Martini Glasses, Margarita Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Sipper Glasses and Guzzler Glasses.

The Sipper Glasses is a small 16oz mason jars with a cap and a straw, whereas the Guzzler Glasses is a big 32oz mason jar with a straw.

Both Redneck Sipper Glasses and Redneck Champagne Flutes come in packs of two, whereas all the Redneck Glass Ware comes with a screw on lid.

Carson’s glassware comes at a price range from $8.50-24.

Made In America Store manager John said people are trying to be more green these days, a lot of people are ditching the idea of plastic water bottles and instead are looking for reusable containers for their drinks.

"The Redneck Guzzler is perfect for exactly that," John added.

Image: Redneck Drinking Ware from Carson Home Accents is an ideal choice for the wine enthusiasts. Photo: Made In America Store