Level 5 Beverage, a subsidiary of Minerco Resources, has expanded the distribution of Rise and Coffee Boost drinks into more than 250 retail locations in Southern California and Arizona.

Minerco Resources CEO John Powers said the 250 store mark is big milestone for their growing company, but they are nowhere close to satisfied.

"We are controlling our growth so that we may expand responsibly without sacrificing quality of our amazing products," Powers added.

The company claims that the demand for Level 5 drinks across its retail distribution network, including Amazon.com, have exceeded expectations.

The store locations can be found at the LEVEL 5 brand websites: http://www.level5energy.com and http://www.drinkcoffeeboost.com.

Additionally, Level 5 Beverage has also completed the formulation and design stages of Coffee Boost in various flavours such as French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Mocha, and will begin its retail trials in November 2013.

The company will also introduce Curves, Armor and Flex, which are currently in the re-formulation and design stage, to its existing product portfolio.

The company expects to release all the LEVEL 5 products to the marketplace in a similar fashion as the launch of their flagship products after they complete all development stages and trials.

New Hampshire-based Level 5 Beverage develops, produces, markets and distributes a portfolio of all-natural and highly functional brands such as Curves, Armor, Flex and Rise.