JSC Latvijas Balzams (LB), a Latvia-based producer of alcoholic beverages, has started exporting its latest vodka brand, Riga Black Vodka, to China in a bid to grow its business.

Riga Black Vodka is made under seven-step filtration method, which includes filtration by active carbon added with silver ions.

According to the company, the first batch of 17,000 bottles with a special label in Chinese language has already been shipped and will reach there by late April 2013 or early May 2013.

In December 2012, the company made its first export to Great Britain.

According to the company, the Riga Black Vodka enjoyed successful sales in the first quarter of 2013, primarily due to co-ordinated and determined collaboration of producer, marketing team and other professionals involved.

LB AS sales director Justs Dzedons said China is a perspective market but tough.

"As to the next export market for this newest vodka, we are looking forward to Russia, where the product is currently undergoing registration, necessary to begin export," Dzedons added.

The Riga Black Vodka is also going to be showcased along with other ‘House of Riga Black Balsam’ products at the London International Wine Fair, scheduled to take place in London on 20-22 May 2013.