Lakewood Brewing, a Texas-based craft brewery, has signed distribution deal with Andrews Distributing to expand its beer sales.

The deal will allow Lakewood to use Andrews’ marketing expertise and distributor relationships to reach new markets.

The move by Lakewood came after the Brewers Association reported that US sales from craft beer touched $14bn in 2013, an increase of 20% from 2012 sales.

Andrews Distributing president Mike McGuire said craft beers are a huge part of the explosive growth in the beer industry, and it is a business driver for them.

"Our unique approach helps breweries such as Lakewood grow by providing immediate marketing expertise and distribution to retailers and restaurants so they can spend their time perfecting brews," McGuire added.

"This industry is growing at a stunning pace; we help both sides understand each other to match beers to the right audiences and customers. We also help retailers makes sense of the craft industry and connect them with the right breweries and selections."

In North Texas, Andrews Distributing holds 76% market share of distributing craft beers from breweries such as Shiner Bock, Blue Moon, Samuel Adams and Fort Worth-based Rahr & Son’s Brewing.

Lakewood Brewing president and founder Wim Bens said that Lakewood Brewing and Andrews are both family-owned businesses with an unwavering dedication to quality and customer service.

"Their expertise in brand building and distribution will allow us to focus on filling the ever- increasing demand for the beer we love to make," Bens added.

Andrews, which has already started distributing Lakewood products at retail stores, will begin distribution of full portfolio in May 2014.